Few words about Berlin

cities May 25, 2016


if it’s possible of course)
It was not my first time in Germany, but first time I saw Berlin.
Last time I just passed it. I was very close, but not there.
Airport Berlin Tegel.

It seems to be veeeery compact. But indeed its annual passenger traffic is 20,688,016 people.
It doesn’t take a lot of time to get to the center from there.
Roads in West part of the city are not wide, but I also didn’t see any traffic jams.

Most of all I was admired by Berlin architecture style.
Everything seems to be so correct as somebody built it with a ruler like a city from papier mache. Even some irregularities had a look like there were absolutely proper.
I have been to different cities, but I liked Berlin so much that I feel I have to make separated posts))))





People. Very different. And it doesn’t matter how you look. Nobody pays attention if something wrong with you until you want it. I had a problem with my eye. It was impossible not to see this. But nobody sees it indeed. I was making videos in S-bahn – again – nobody cares.
Supermarkets. Work until 10 or even 9 pm. As a lot of restaurants in the center.
At 10 pm we saw only Turkish and Russian shops opened in our street.

P.S. All photos by my iPhone




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